Heated Godet Rolls for High Quality Production of Synthetic Fibres

As an innovative and leading producer of components and godet rolls for heating and drawing of synthetic filaments and fibres, Retech has gained a leading position as a supplier of heated godet rolls, on-line yarn tension monitoring equipment and complete draw frames for spin draw lines in the worldwide synthetic fibre production. Heated godet rolls for applications up to 600 °C.

Yarn Tension Monitoring System Win-OLT in the DTY Filament Production

Retech is known as the original inventor of Win-OLT and is now in a position to serve the synthetic fibre production markets of all existing and new draw textured yarn (DTY) machines and to deliver and service the well known and over years proven Win-OLT system for monitoring the yarn tension in the DTY process.

Separator Rolls (ABSR) Air Bearing for Highest Draw Force and Temperature Requirements

Next to the heated and cooled godet rolls Retech established a range of Air Bearing Separator Rolls in various dimensions for high end applications. Where a low inertia, high draw forces combined with high yarn and environment temperatures are demanded the well proven Retech separator rolls will be the right solution.

ITMA Milan 2015 Exhibition Review

The blue thread moves on and leads to NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR OUR CUSTOMER'S INSPIRATION!

This inspiration was given during the very successful ITMA 2015. The show in Milan from 12 - 19 November 2015 attracted around 123'000 visitors from 147 countries, whereas attendance increased by about 20 percent in comparison to the previous show in 2011. There was a fantastic atmosphere at the fair, the visitor standard was exceptional and there was even a lot of business made during this show.

For Retech AG from Switzerland this ITMA was an extremely encouraging exhibition where its complete product range was presented in operation in a very nice showcase.

Deutschsprachige Informationen

Als innovative und führende Herstellerin von Komponenten und Galetten für das Beheizen und Verstrecken von synthetischen Filamenten und Garnen hat Retech eine führende Weltmarktposition erreicht; dank über 40 Jahren Erfahrung in der Entwicklung/Konstruktion und Fertigung von beheizten, nicht beheizten und aktiv gekühlten Galetten und Streckrollen für die mechanische und thermische Behandlung von synthetischen Filamenten und Garnen. Daneben stellt Retech On-line-Überwachungssysteme für die Fadenspannung, luftgelagerte Verlegerollen und komplette Streckwerke für Spinn-Streck-Prozesse für die weltweite Garnproduktion her.